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Ten Awesome Sims 4 Mods You Can’t Miss Out On

The Sims 4 is a pretty detailed game, there’s no doubt about it.

But even still, given the foundation that the developers have provided, it’s only natural that the game’s modding community were able to take matter into their own hands – adding a number of truly incredible innovations to the already existing vanilla version.

So with that in mind, we’re going to take a look at ten of the very best Sims 4 Mods to add to your Sims universe in order to fully reap the benefits of this game’s near-endless potential.

MC Command Centre

The MCCC is perhaps the most comprehensive god-mode Sims 4 Mod on the market today, one that gives you a ridiculous amount of control over your gaming universe.

From regulating the lives, habits, and restrictions placed on all of the Sims you don’t control, to affecting the very laws of the world that each and every Sim resides in.

Whether you want to speed up the amount of time it takes for your Sim to get ready in the morning or expand the freedom of the non-player Sim families to have children, the MC Command Centre is an absolutely essential mod for anyone hoping to breathe new life into their game.


Custom Food Interactions

As by far and away the most impressive food overhaul Sims 4 mod available, Custom Food Interactions give you another level of emphasis on your interaction with the various fine foods of the game.

Adding a plethora of new and interesting foodtypes into the game, this mod also increases the range of options you have as far as interacting with fridges and stoves are concerned.

Adding a little spice to your Sim’s life has never been easier and as one of the most simple but effective overhauls on this list, adding it your mod collection should be a no-brainer.

Get To College

For the scholars amongst you looking for the mods for Sim 4 that truly cater to your type, look to the ‘Get To College’ mod and up-skill your Sim with a choice of three different majors – music, fine art, and physical education.

Meet your classmates, attend classes, and manoeuvre your way through a set weekly schedule in the pursuit of both a diploma and a monetary reward if you excel within your chosen major.

College is truly one of the most important times in anyone’s formative years and thanks to this mod, now your Sims have the opportunity to knuckle down and expand their opportunities in life.

Life’s Drama

Ever feel like your Sim’s neighbourhood is lacking in a healthy dose of completely over-the-top controversy? Well this mod will do wonders in adding a little something extra to your experience.

‘Life’s Drama’ is a Sims 4 Mod that brings an extra shade of crazy to the table – whether that comes in the form of a heated argument between a newly married couple, or even a runaway bride on the day of her wedding.

Such madness is always a welcome addition and with a wide range of interesting distractions to dive into, this mod is an absolute must for any Sims 4 gamer.

Private Practice

This hugely impressive mod for The Sims 4 restructures the existing health system in the game, replacing it with a far more detailed experience that ranges from both your Sim’s own personal progression to the various options that are now available to explore.

Adding health insurance, optometry, pharmaceuticals, additional diseases and plastic surgery to the vanilla version of the game, if you are looking to increase the immersive nature of your Sims 4 playing experience, the ‘Private Practice’ mod is exactly what the doctor ordered!


Become A Sorcerer

Some mods do exactly what they say on the tin and in the case of the ‘Become A Sorcerer’ Sims 4 Mod, the title could not be any more self-explanatory.

So what exactly are the perks of being a sorcerer in the world of The Sims 4, you ask?

Well, this mod introduces a new spell-based progression system – one built around morality and a limited pseudo-mana bar that allows you to do everything from slinging magic spells at your enemies to reviving the dead.

Based on your choices as a sorcerer in the direction of good or evil, you will unlock different abilities for yourself – making this a mod that leaves you with a surprising level of control over your own fate.

Slice Of Life

As a mod specifically tailored towards those who are looking to bring an extra later of cosmetic perfection to their Sims 4 universe, Slice Of Life adds some very real consequences to decisions and actions your Sims takes over the course of the day.

Drink a little bit too much last night? Expect to have puffy cheeks in the morning.

Get into a bar-fight shortly after? You’ll have the battle-scars to show for it the next day.

A simple but irresistible mod that truly does add another dimension of detail to proceedings

Playable Pets

Sure, there’s quite a lot of fun to be had figuring out the life, love, and day-to-day well-being of your Sims but sometimes, toning things down a notch or two can be invaluable.

With the Playable Pets mod for The Sims 4, you can finally take a break from the trials and tribulations of the everyday human existence by taking on the guise of your household pet for a while.

Taking yourself for a walk as a dog or lazily wasting away the days as a cat has never been easier and if that wasn’t enough, this mod adds a pet family tree to the game – adding a pretty hilarious level of emphasis on every Sim’s best friend.

Ownable Cars

It really is odd how the vanilla version of The Sims 4 comes packed without any type of personal transport vehicle – leaving you removed from the great pride of investing in a pretty little set of wheels for yourself.

This Sims 4 mod adds a grand total five drivable cars to the game. These cars range in price from §10000 to §20000 and upon using your trusty new engine to traverse the town, on arrival, your Sim will be granted a “Traveled in Style” +3 emotional moodlet.

Fast cars and simoleons aplenty is what it’s all about, folks!


One of the most impressive Sims 4 mods comes in the form of the fantastic MorphMaker, an excellent creation that allows you to tweak and customise every aspect of any Sim’s physical appearance – coming with a wide range of options that range of extremely useful to completely and utterly wacky.

On top of this, MorphMaker also allows you to change the physical appearance of each and every non-Sim being in the game too, allowing you to alter everything from your pet to that suspicious looking alien in your neighbourhood.

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